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KRID is a movement for developing Adventure based Youth Leadership with a blend of Unforgettable Outdoor Summits that includes Trekking, Mountaineering, Water Rafting, Backpacking, Natural Camps and Life Skill based Pursuit. Every Camp of KRID will be an elevating experience to an even higher level of personal growth, grounding them in their inner strength while they transform themselves into Extraordinary Youth Leaders. KRID gives opportunities to experience the best of India’s hikes, national parks and wild land via a variety of trips styles. We have the extraordinary privilege of operating trips in India’s most premier and exciting outdoor destinations at very affordable cost.

KRID Adventures is made up of a team of motivated Trekking, Hiking, Mountaineering Coaches from all corners of India with extraordinary leadership skills. Our Guides are open-minded, qualified and warm hearted young people who can accommodate your needs during the Expedition and provide you with on-hand knowledge about local as well as Indian history and culture. KRID is about uniting each and every participant in the camp through various activities and collectively making impossible treks possible. KRID is more than a Trekking or Adventure Movement to us, because it’s about elevation of Courage, Teamwork, Spirit, Self-confidence, Cultural knowledge, Reverence towards Nature, Respect for Others & Human Values from within.

Every expedition of KRID Summit tends to develop Leadership skills within every participant. We combine a mix of Leadership Training, Leadership Games and Activities with most amazing customized treks to help people learn and discover their leadership potential with enjoyment. The experience emphasizes great self-discipline and self-reliance for overcoming a host of obstacles. It also requires team reliance, loyalty, and leadership. Participants are divided into teams of seven and with rotating leadership they take responsibility for activities ranging from Navigation to Meal Distribution. And more! KRID outbound camps are a great leveller wherein nature involves a paradigm shift from our normal lifestyle & Comfort Zone, thus creating a need to adapt to the wilderness.


Our Vision is to build youth with courage & character. We see our self as a responsible and creative leader in Adventure blended with Youth Leadership. Designing and operating innovative, sustainable treks which makes your journey with us an unforgettable experience is what we see as our topmost responsibility. Indian Culture has been nurtured in the lap of nature and has never forgot to express its gratitude towards it. Our culture which have deep roots in our society makes our vision clearer that practical lessons of courage and life skills based on Indian characters are very useful in reviving the missing greatness in our youth. So, KRID Camps are envisioned towards taking our youth back to the nature and listen the shrieks of culture of their own.


To provide exceptional Outdoor Adventurous Summits to India’s most beautiful and wild landscapes, and to contribute significantly to the conservation of these special places. To ignite the power within every youth through various tasks and realize their importance in context to change in society.